In my life, i have discovered that there will be two things that will always interfere. They are- problems and people.Apparently everything’s going right , I’m happy and suddenly i realize there’s nothing left to be happy with. There are times i feel like – ‘Oh Crap! Wish I hadn’t done or said it.’ Sometimes I feel like running away and escaping in this infinite universe, somewhere more than 10000 light years ahead, so that i don’t have to deal with simpletons in my school and don’t have to waste time solving those heaps of problems I’m accessorized with. Sometimes, that simpleton person is none other than me. I do stuffs which are weird to people, then I’m like -“Damn! What am I doing?”

But you know what i won’t take cautions in my actions because sometimes some other people do sound weird and i accept that. But why don’t they? You know the cause we seem weird to each other is because we’re different. As far as I’m concerned, i am a human. I mean you never know what I am going through. Maybe you cannot see my war but think maybe I am fighting everyday with the failures, defeats,selfishness, greed, jealousy, cowardice and other beasts in me. That’s why there are days, I am boring but maybe I want someone to ponder about the change, ask me and understand me. Yes, there are days I am lackadaisical but maybe i want someone to help me. There are people who have done it for me and i love them. But there are people who will never understand.

Someone once told me few lines, I still remember.

‘I did good ever,but heard never;

I did bad once, but heard ever.’

This is the universal truth that has kept the minds of the whole world under its captivity since time immemorial. People will always judge you on the basis of that one blunder or those bad times of yours and the worst part being , they do it implicitly; those imbecile backbiters don’t even keep the courage to say things explicitly. Woefully, such humiliating, contemptuous hypocrites are  spread in every nook and cranny of this world. They are qualified professionals in hurting the sentiments of impeccable people. But, despite their presence , we live and to value their inauspicious presence, we learn lessons in our life. Here’s a quote for people not to be concerned about some knuckleheads:

‘When life makes you have put up with mean and hateful people,just think of them as a sandpaper. They may scratch you, hurt you, rub you the wrong way; but eventually, you end up smooth, polished and glorious than before. But the sandpaper, it’s going to be worn out and ugly.’ 🙂


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