Robert Frost coined,” Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

I wrote about our thoughts influencing the world in ROOT OUT NEGATIVITY. This is my very first poem. Hope you’ll like it……


To drive out darkness,

there is light.

If the world is filled with intolerance,

there is abide.

For those who didn’t have a good day,

can have a better night.

Nothing is impossible man,

all you have to think is that you can.

When you are filled with remorse,

just think something will make you happy ,of course.

To end hatred, there is love.

Just try to be patient like a dove.

If you are filled with determination,

your success would never come to termination.

Make a goal , focus it on ;

assuring that your confidence would not be gone.

Use your mistakes,

they would guide;

What you have to pledge is to

always look on the brightest side….




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