What if my breathless efforts go futile? What if i die before accomplishing my dream? ………………

What if i was a person like that?(whose list of what if’s is longer than the list of to-do’s) But fortunately I am not.What would one call such pointless occurring thoughts? Well, they can be termed as negative thoughts or considered as negativity and if such thoughts ripple in your mind 24/7 , then to root them out is your utmost duty. Whenever I start this topic, I love to fit-in the shoe story. Perhaps you’ve heard about it. But let me take you through it.


On the outskirts of a kingdom, a place thrived eminence .Whoever came after visiting the land uttered-“Lucky is the land bestowed with such determined people!”This reached the king’s ears. The king, unable to resist his anxiety, sent two of his men to unravel the secret of the peacefully flourishing land.He told them to visit the place and write a separate letter to king describing the people in minimum words. When the two men saw the place, it seemed a deserted sandy land revealing the poor plight of people who had to toil most of the day to make their ends meet. Even on the day accompanied with blazing and scorching sun, they were working with harmony and suddenly the eyes of men fell over their feet. To their surprise,the people were bare-footed.Having observed this, one man wrote, ” There is no potential here, people don’t even wear shoes.” On the other hand, the other man wrote,” There is great potential here, people don’t have to wear shoes.”

Similar was the panorama, similar were the words. But the difference existed in the outlook/perspective of the person. I mentioned about perspective in my first blog post. You may get through it in HI!  

One fact I would like to tell you, it’s the one you somehow already know it, but won’t accept it.


Your thoughts influence the world, perhaps in subtle ways but they surely do. If your mind is bloating with negative thoughts, your speech will reap negativity and that negativity can abrupt the minds of people surrounding you and this way pessimism will spread. It’s just like one rotten apple can spoil the barrel. What i mean to say is that if your negativity is contagious, then your optimism and happiness are also contagious. So don’t wait for catching it from others. Be the carriers. 🙂



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